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Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Arkansas hoops is finally starting to get the recognition it deserves. Moses Moody, Jaylin Williams, KK Robinson, Chris Moore, and Davonte Davis are currently in the 2020 Rivals150 prospect rankings. Arkansas has always been a place where you can find hidden talent. The excitement in the Natural State is at an all time high, but there's still a lot of talented players flying under the radar.

'20 Brayden Lyons | 6’4 | Shooting Guard

Glen Rose High School

21PPG - 8RPG - 3APG

Brayden is one of the most talented players in the 2020 class. He can score at all three levels, and he uses his long strides to get to wherever he wants on the court. Because he gets great lift on his jump shot, he is tough to guard. He is extremely athletic and can finish at the rim. He also does a great job of making his teammates better.

He missed a lot of spring and summer basketball due to an ankle injury. A few things Brayden needs to strengthen: tightening up his handle, and becoming a consistent 3-point shooter. Look for him to dominate at Glen Rose and fill up the stat sheet. Brayden Lyons' potential is through the roof!

Projection - Division 1, Low to Mid Major prospect

'20 Lawson Jenkins | 6’7 | Shooting Guard

Har-ber High School

17PPG - 7RPG

Lawson doesn't pass the eye test, but this kid absolutely understands how to play basketball. He is a big time shooter with a quick release. He is better shooting off the catch but can make 1 or 2 dribble pull-ups as well. He has a high basketball IQ and does a good job of moving without the basketball. Lawson is a great passer, sneaky athletic, and loves to compete on both ends of the floor. Lawson needs to gain weight, add strength, and improve his lateral quickness. If he does these things, look for his recruitment to take off. If he signs in the Fall, somebody may get a steal. However, if he waits until the Spring and improves his body, he could have several D-1 programs knocking down his door.

Projection - Division 1, Low Major prospect

'20 Shannon Strickland | 6’5 | Combo Guard

Monticello High School

17PPG - 7RPG - 6APG

Shannon is smooth, skilled, and has great size for the position. He can slide over and play the point guard spot as well. He can score at all three levels and has great shooting stroke. Sometimes, he is too casual but his size, length, athleticism, shooting ability, and feel for the game makes him an intriguing prospect for college programs. A focus of improvement would be his motor and going hard on every possession.

Projection - Division 1, Low to Mid Major prospect

'20 Ben Turner | 6’5 | Wing

Trumann High School

20PPG -10RPG

Ben is extremely long, athletic, plays with a motor, and does a great job rebounding. He is a straight line driver that gets downhill using his upper body strength. Ben will need to continue improving his skills on the perimeter and becoming a better 3-point shooter. Ben has good size, a nice frame, and a lot of potential.

Projection - Division 1, Low Major prospect

'20 Zane Butler | 6’0 | Point Guard

Greene Country Tech

22PPG - 4APG - 4RPG - 37% 3FG

He is a big-time shooter who gets great lift on his shot. He can shoot it off the catch or the bounce. He is a tough kid, competes on the defensive end, and understands the game. Zane is not the quickest but gets to his spots. He is not the most athletic either, but he will always be a threat on the court because he can shoot it consistently from 23 feet. Coaches looking for a gym rat who will bring it everyday--Zane is your guy.

Projection - Division 2 / Division 1, Low Major prospect

'20 Jordan Tillmon | 6’1 | Point Guard

Watson Chapel High School

18PPG - 4RPG - 3APG

This lefty is extremely confident in his game and is at his best when creating off the bounce. He uses his crafty ball handling skills to get to the rim, or to get separation on his shot. He has a high basketball IQ, and plays with pace and change of speeds. He is a gym rat; a true competitor and has that 'dog' in him that you just can’t teach. He is a decent outside shooter but needs to focus on being a more consistent 3-point shooter. If he improves his shooting, I could see mid-major programs recruiting him.

Projection - Division 1, Low Major prospect

'20 Laityn Sheppard | 6’6 | Forward

North Little Rock High School

10PPG - 8RPG

Laityn is a big kid who uses his thick frame to take up space in the paint. He has a nice skill set as he can score inside and outside. He can face up and shoot consistently from 15 feet and he can drive the ball to the rim, as well. Laityn lacks natural athleticism, but he can score in the post because he has good fundamentals. He has a soft touch around the rim and does a great job rebounding. The one thing that may hold Laityn back is his weight. If he loses 20 pounds, he is definitely a Division 1 player.

Projection - Division 2 / Division 1, Low Major prospect

'20 Treylon Payne | 6’2 | Point Guard

Bryant High School

13PPG - 4RPG - 2APG

Treylon is one of the best on-ball defenders in Arkansas. He defense creates a lot of havoc; when he is defending his opponent, he sticks to them like glue. He has good size for his position, good athleticism, and quick feet. He uses his speed to get to the rim. His main focus this season should be improving his 3-point shot. Treylon shot the ball better toward the end of summer and showed signs of improvement. College programs looking for a solid point guard who will run your team, get others involved, and help you WIN--Treylon is it!

Projection - Division 1 Low Major prospect